Saturday, April 3, 2010

The world went dark

No pictures for today, as my internet access is coming via a small library in Harrisburg, PA with no wifi. Later posts with photos will cover how I arrived here, but for now this is more of a "checking-in" and confirmation that the trip is indeed happening despite early delays. Karlee seems to be running ok, if not perfect, and even managed to travel an average of 31.5 miles per gallons of fuel for the first fill-up. My goal was 30mpg, so color me happy.

Harrisburg is impressing so far (except my inept ability to find wifi), with a vibrant downtown and a capitol complex that integrates better into the city than Connecticut managed with Hartford. It reminds me of a mini-Philadelphia, for what that is worth. I hoping to find a local group ride for tomorrow and get some more of the local flavor.

More to follow....


  1. Three posts and you've already managed to insult Hartford? I'm hurt, man!

  2. Maybe better integration of the capitol isn't a good thing, in which case I'd be complimenting Hartford, right?