Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New horizons in her sights

Looking at the day on that previous last post, I'd say it is time to officially put this blog to bed. Turns out, the move to New Hampshire was waylaid in favor of a quiet corner of Manchester, CT. As was said about the best laid plans of mice and humans....

Karlee did stick it out, helping here and there with transporting house repair materials that wouldn't fit in a bike trailer, but with only about 800 miles added to the odometer in the last year, it was time to cut her loose to a new family that give her the use and attention an aging vehicle needs. Like family dogs, cars don't do so well just hanging out in the yard under a tree, so I'm happy she's found a new home in East Haddam from which to stretch the legs a little more often.

Maybe I'll nickname my touring bike Karlee 2, even if it did arrive first.