Monday, April 12, 2010


Yup, still in Washington DC, and I have to admit, I'm enjoying the town a chunk more than I expected, which is about what Lora said when I first mentioned surprise that she'd wound up here. Simply put, it is a great city to be a tourist on a bike. There is all the standard t-trap stuff like monuments and museums, but the network of bike paths through wooded glens is really surprising, so rather that show a bunch of typical DC pictures (which I didn't take), I'll stick to a B&B theme: bike paths and bridges. There's plenty of the standard fare already.

Spectacular bridges to not spectacular islands

Reagan Airport's approach goes right over the bike path

Bike paths gone wild

Eight, count 'em eight, overpasses all in a row

View of the Rock Creek path from Mass Ave.

no comment

Action shot heading for a tunnel

And inside it

On one bike path looking down on another

And vise versa

Was this sign really necessary? Mmm, cesspool!

Yes, this is inside DC city limits

The abutment stops here

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