Thursday, April 29, 2010

At long last

Many years ago, while driving between races, I passed through Arkansas, and ever since then I've meant to return and explore. Well, the last two days, I've been in the Ouachita National Forest, and the area has not disappointed. It is not high, or grand compared to some parts of the country, but Arkansas' motto is "The Natural State," and that seems fitting. They have pretty much just let the wilderness area be.

I've also had the chance for two outings on the Womble Trail, one of IMBA's mountain bike epic rides. The trail is generally good (I've ridden roughly 20 miles of the 37 in both directions) with some high bench cut sections into steep hillsides that are simply spectacular fun. If you get the chance to come down here with a bike, be sure to make the stop.

The next two days are forecast for rain, so I'm cruising west on Talimena Drive, a national scenic route high in the hills, then aiming to get across Oklahoma and Texas under overcast skies on my way to Taos, NM.

Sorry for so few photos with this post (hey, it's more than the last one), but the internet speed in the state park lodge is none too fast for big uploads.


  1. Make sure to stay out of Arizona.

  2. I was wondering this morning as I listened to the radio after a bit of a news blackout if that was giving me a reason to shorten the drive. I'm also avoiding the gulf coast.