Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Few Thousand Words

I'm sitting on a block of concrete in downtown Gettysburg, and yes, it is tourist hell, although I did find lots of wireless signals, so here is a sample of pictures before I wander town and then head to D.C. this evening to stop in on a long lost friend.

So, starting with Two Rivers park in Trumbull:

They take park security seriously

But at least for a good reason

This one made me smile

We all have youth that is no longer will us, part of my reason for this trip.

And these from Allamuchy State Park in Jersey:
Beware of this map

I love this bikepath bridge

And this section of greenway

Finally, for now, I have long had a fascination with the railroad bridge to the north of Harrisburg, PA even since the first time I traveled south on I-81. Here are some glamor shots of the beauty.

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