Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Parting Shots

It's been over a decade, would someone please rename this park.
Today I head down state through Virgina with a few days to wander before an arrival scheduled in Abingdon for Thursday evening. With yesterday as my last in the capitol area, I stayed on the south side of the Potomac to explore more of what Arlington had to offer. I also wanted to visit the national cemetery to learn my reaction to seeing it. To that end, the rows on rows of graves did not impact me as much as seeing all the open space that is left and the knowledge that the country undoubtedly will find conflicts to fill it.

This is now my favorite waterfall, and no, the camera was not held at an angle.
To my eye, if an architect designed a cascade, it might look like this.

Also, a few last thoughts from my Gettysburg visit: After leaving the town of businesses named battlefield-this and drummerboy-that, I headed out to the national park area where the fighting took place. Sure, lots of tourist at the points of interest, but to simply walk across the open fields, and it is hard scrabble land with lots of rocks and brambles, knowing what happened there, it did give me a new sense of the thing that I did not expect to find. As a tourist trap, I'd hate to live there, but it would have been far worse dying there.

Ernie's Hot Weiner Texas Lunch breaks from the trend of Gettysburg business names

One last shot of cool bike path, Arlington style

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