Monday, April 19, 2010

Running in Circles

Sometimes a bad idea is the best of all possible things. For example, tonight Shane's family and I took a shot trip up to an old mill for a picnic supper. Despite my copious appetite, I do have my limits, so eventually satiety hit, and I wandered around to take a look at the mill and it's roughly 20 foot diameter water wheel.
Mmm, I think I'll climb up the concrete support for the wheel's axle. Raynna, Shane's daughter asks, "How is he going to climb down from there?" But aha, I'll just climb down the spokes, but no, much to my surprise, I'll ride one of the spokes down--the wheel, after all the years, is not frozen! When an opportunity presents itself, I hate being one to pass it by, and so....

Now I want to try it on a bike!


  1. I guess that comes from living around squirrels.

  2. Maybe he's really a hamster at heart!

  3. I thought that this trip was supposed to make you saner.