Monday, April 5, 2010

I've got a friend in PA

Again, no pictures with this one, but I promise, one of these days there will be a photo collage post. Really.

So I last left you in Harrisburg, PA, where I will now continue. Having liked much of what I saw at that point, I starting cruising the local bike shops to see if there was a Sunday (Easter) ride I could join, but I was striking out mightily on that count, yet after the last shop I tried (the address provided nothing but a decidedly non-retail two-family) I turned back toward the town center when scooting through the intersection in front of me went a rather sportful cyclist. Jumping off in pursuit, I watch as he moved out to the center lane to better control the traffic, and I knew I had a good one.

At the next light, I pulled up alongside and met Steve, who proceeded to give me an hour tour of Harrisburg and the scoop on riding there. Good fellow, and many thanks to him for the local knowledge, but with a better sense that I'd seen and done Harrisburg, I departed that evening for the Michaux State Forest, and I've been hanging out in and around the Pine Grove Furnace State Park section for the last day and couple nights.

It reminds me of a slightly smaller version of Pisgah Forest in NC, just without the mountain lions, as far as I can tell. Honest, I don't miss them. Instead, I've traded the kitties for a day-use park that offers private bathrooms, water, picnic grounds, and I even managed a shower from the campground this morning. Nights, I head out to the forest (vs. park) land surrounding for some legit car sleeping. It isn't the Hilton, but by my travel standards, I'm living pretty large.

Yesterday was hiking two AT loops (pictures to follow), while this morning I've ridden down to Shippensburg (who's library I'm now using) over the ridge. And the ridge, particularly Ridge Rd., deserves special mention: mile after mile after mile of packed dirt/gravel road at 1500+ feet of elevation, from which I turned onto Three Turn Rd., which was gated to traffic after 1/4 mile, for the 2-3 mile woods road descent into the valley. Yup, I'm having a good time and putting those 25c tire volume to full use. From here, I'll return over the ridge via a different route, and then give some mountain bike trails a try either this afternoon or tomorrow morning.

Really, pictures soon.


  1. the pine grove forest area is nice. The Michaux Maximus race is in and around that area.

    The folks at Gettysburg Bicycle and Fitness (717-334-7791, 307 york street in gettysburg) can probably take you out on a tour of Michaux. My friend Tomi ( lives in that area too. He can take you out.

    Have fun! I like riding that region.

  2. The first stop on my trip with my parents out west when I was 8 was at Pine Grove Furnance. The trip was good, so staying there bodes well for you.

  3. Sounds beautiful! Hope the great travel adventures continue and can't wait to see pics! Happy Trails!!