Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Settling (Burrowing?) In

Babe the Blue Ox's ursine cousin

As I recovered from my riding with a lack of complete acclimation, the last few days involved more walking than rolling, so I had a chance to explore some the the hiking-only trails on Lookout Mountain, and yesterday I took the commuter bus into the big city of Denver. From my travels (not just this trip), I'm inclined to say a city, is a city, is a city, just with the popular wardrobe changing for variety. No doubt, Denver's ambiance and flavor are affected by its proximity to substantial mountains and wilderness, but hey, it is still definitely a city, just with a few extra outdoor equipment shops.

Denver scenes

In the mean time, my plan was to depart Golden today for a visit in Boulder before starting to wander back to the east closer, and even across, the Canadian border, but May 12th on the front range had us waking to four inches of snow on the ground and more falling from the sky through the day. No reason to face sloppy roads, so now Friday is the ETD, which left me more time to help Russ and the gang finish with the painting next door, or at least the less messy prep and clean-up work, given my lack of paintable clothing.

Karlee and the Organic Mechanic trailer snuggle in the May snow.

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