Friday, May 21, 2010

Mio, MI

Me oh, my!
The Au Sable River (big and two hearted?)
So I've found Hemingway's Michigan, and it isn't the north peninsula as I'd presumed. I arrived last night and nestled into the trees on the north side of Au Sable river just outside Mio, MI. Flat out, this is a darn pretty waterway. It is how I always envisioned Nick Adams on his fishing trip, just right.

Down the street from my Au Sable campsite

The gateway to southern Michigan

A couple shots from Wisconsin, which reminded me exactly of non-coastal Maine,
right down to all the logging trucks and paper mills.

From here, I continue my turtle's pace (although I am moving faster than the outbound trip), down to Port Huron, then to visit my Canadian neighbors to the east. I'm enjoying what has turned into a more direct driving touring with daily bicycle exploration off-route.
Snapper moving slowing across Michigan

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