Friday, May 28, 2010

Finger Lakin' Good

Yes, of course, as always there is something special about finding a beautiful place, but I find it all that much better if you find such a special spot by accident. That is what happened for me in passing through the Finger Lakes region on the return trip to CT. The lakes themselves, well, they're big and wet, long and skinny, and I can take or leave them.
My Finger Lakes experience started, ironically, with a sunset.

So, what was so special? Simply, it is the ways the water gets down to those lakes. The topography and geology has lent itself to a bevy of spectacular canyons and waterfalls for the liquid to shoot on its way down from the hillsides. On my route through to Ithaca, I had the chance to visit with three of these areas.

First came Watkins Glen, which I knew for its race track only.

This is what the back side of a waterfall looks like.

Yes, another bridge, of course.

Then on to Robert H. Treman state park.

Through the majority of the two mile walk up the canyon,
I thought, "Nice, but not so spectacular as Watkins Glen."
Then I saw these gigantic falls,
which a picture does little to no justice,
so I just included the photos I like.
Go see it yourself,

And lastly, Buttermilk Falls,
but some photos other than the falls.
Yup, a bridge!

Now a special thanks are due to the fellows at Ithaca Foreign Car Service, and by "foreign," they apparently mean "Volvo." Once I arrived in the town, I noticed a sudden spike in the number of old rear wheel drive Volvos on the road, as if Karlee had happened into a family reunion--something about eastern college towns maybe. So, in walking around town, I noticed the repair shop with exclusively Volvos in the yard, and a number of 240s is states of disassemble, so in light of my lack of proper hood hinge, I stopped in to see if they'd sell one off a parts car. Well, no, not sell, but rather I was told to help myself, which I did, and Karlee know proudly wears a zip-tie free silver hinge on her right side. Thank you again guys, and if you find yourself in Ithaca with a Volvo needing work, this shop on West State Street seem genuinely forthright, honest, and good.

But Ithaca as a town, for some reason, feels the need to hide their river
behind a ten foot high wall.

Meanwhile, Connecticut welcomed me back with flowers!

Hence, I've spent the last couple days visiting in Connecticut and seeing to some odds and ends to get Karlee running a little more ship shape (a thorough removal of oxidation on the fuse panel has the overdrive engaging really well with the solenoid finally seeing full voltage). Early next week I depart northward for some time in the White Mountains, and maybe a lot of time if I find I like it enough.

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