Monday, May 3, 2010

Colorful Colorado (or so the sign claimed)

Greetings from a little over 12,000 feet

When last I left you, I was doing the big push west for Taos. The drive up there from the east was spectacular and in the midst of a sunny snow storm. High dessert and mountains can combine to create some pretty wind and fractured weather. At one point, I had sun a half mile to my left while equal opposite was totally socked in snow. As for the town, it was a bit disappointing, but probably what I should have expected: a combination of wealth, hippies, and then a sudden drop to poverty and a reservation (Taos Pueblo). I skipped the Sunday ride, heading out of town Saturday evening for the Rio Grande and then Colorado.

Not the Grand Canyon, the Rio Grande Canyon

OK, Colorado. What to say when not much will suffice. Almost as good as the Alps? That's probably the best I can do. I've been taking a very indirect scenic route up to the Denver area with my mouth gaping for much of it. The landscape here is simply not what a flatlander like me considers human-scale. I'll let some pictures do the talking, although I must add, in the most recent segment (Lake City to Gunnison) the climate has turned super dry and no longer quite the draw for me. I'm hoping as I cross back over the divide tomorrow I come back into forested areas with a little more of the H2O.

The view from my Monday morning hike

Yup, water succumbing to gravity

This car climbed nearly two Mount Washingtons, repeatedly
(Atop Big Spring Creek Gap 10,897 feet)

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