Tuesday, September 15, 2015

From State College to California

I've said it before and I'll likely say it again: one of my life ambitions is to NEVER ride a bicycle across the United States, but now it looks like I'm headed to California.  Well, California, PA that is.  Today I covered about half the distance from State College and am staying with hosts at the bottom of Mile Hill Road.  The trip back up should have me wide awake by the top in the morning.

Time for photo essay!

Law School building at Penn State

And a view from inside

A white oak in the arboretum

And a view from up inside!

Turns out, it's a pretty poplar place
(sorry, couldn't pass on the pun)

State College: where bikes are as radical as skateboards

The visit with Lora and Dave was and exercise in,
 "What should we make with tomatoes now?"
Aww, gee.

And I couldn't resist a pie made three towns away from where I was raised in CT.
Ok, I'm bad at resisting pie in general.

 A bridge!

And what's left of the RR bridge above it.

 Game of Monopoly anyone?

 Train, and gate, and razor wire, oh my!

 Wind turbines framed by power lines

 Roadside-find sandwich:
dandelions, habaneros, and clover flowers
(yes, someone lost a basket of habaneros!)

 A bridge!

 And RR!
(anyone notice a theme?)

And because we all end up here,
get out and live.
Years ago in the hills of Western Mass, I found a 150+ year old headstone reading:
Ashes to ashes
and dust to dust.
Prepare yourself,
for follow me you must.

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