Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Home Sweet Home

I'm starting to think I should change the name of this blog to Living in Karlee, and travel seems less the name of the game these days. I've been in the Conway area for roughly a week and a half after returning north from Connecticut, and I feel I'm settling into the White Mountain life. I even managed to survive the 4th of July in what is most certainly a tourist town.

There are, however, real people who actually live here, and I've been most fortunate to gain the acceptance of a local couple (and when I say local, he's been here for 25+ years since the age of 14, and her family has roads named after them). Chris and Molly are just fantastic, and they've helped make this invading flat-lander feel welcome. Honestly, as far as welcome goes, with most locals, once they learn I am seeking full time residence, not just a vacation home, they are delighted. I can understand their feelings, as often largely unoccupied homes dwarf the year round residences. I've also started taking note of how few mailboxes there are vs. the number of houses, another sign of the vacation home.

So no living quarters more post than Karlee at the moment, but I've learning my way around town, zeroing in on the areas I live, and hopefully I'll soon have at least a patch of dirt to call home.

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